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If you are here you have finally said I'm doing it. You are past the the Wait times the Paperwork and all the other things that have made suppressor ownership as some say a pain or to much trouble. We have tried to make it easy here are step by step instructions.    


1. Choose your can, silencer or suppressor what ever you choose to call it and add it to the cart ( due to license restrictions we can not sale Suppressors/Silencers outside of Texas) 

2. Add 1 NFA TAX STAMP to you cart for every suppressor in your cart.

3. Check OUT!

We have simplified the purchasing process, but lets not forget that we have some paperwork to complete like ATF Form 4  we also have to prove to the ATF who you are so finger prints and Passport photos are a necessary.  If you are filing for Suppressor ownership with NFA TRUST there is also the Responsible Parties Form one of these for everyone in the trust. We will help you the whole way and keep you updated as much as possible on where you are in the process.

You can always call us at

1-844-331-2158 we are available Monday to Friday 9am-7PM Central will get us as well .