iRay Rico Bravo Series Rugged Infrared Compact Thermal Scope


The RICO BRAVO is cool, compact, and sharp looking with a bed liner-like housing. The 3X gives you a good field of view and the quality of the picture is not quite as good as the RL42 but it’s less expensive and more compact. Like all of the RICO series, this thermal night vision scope is dependable with great battery life.



The RICO BRAVO is a groundbreaking thermal imaging riflescope featuring innovative ergonomics, cutting-edge connectivity, and InfiRay’s MATRIX III algorithm that pushes the boundaries of 384×288 long-wave performance. The BRAVO is optically and electronically optimized to squeeze every ounce of performance out of InfiRay’s MICRO II 12 μm sensor and F1.1 germanium lens.

iRayUSA’s all new Magnetic Omnidirectional Connector, Hard Stop Buttons, and Tactile Ridge Positioning system combine to create an unmatched user experience on a high-definition display.Additional performance-focused design features include multiple dynamic reticles, stadiametric rangefinder, image and video capture, wireless connectivity, and an American Defense Manufacturing RQD quick release mount. If you are looking for a lightweight and compact thermal optic that is designed by hunters for hunters, look no further than the RICO BRAVO.