Mountable Thermal Accessories For Your Night Vision Helmet

Finding the right thermal accessories to mount to your tactical helmet is an important part of night vision hunting. From the proper versatile base to the right mountable light and even an adequate battery pack, the right combination of products can make a huge difference in a successful hunt. See the compatibility chart below for thermal monoculars, mounts, and lights for your tactical helmet from top-of-the-line brands like iRay, Team Wendy, Wilcox, and Princeton.
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iRay Rico Micro Series Compatibility Chart For Mountable Accessories

RICO Micro Model
RH25 or RL25
RICO Micro Model
MH25 or ML19
✔️ Team Wendy Helmet ✔️
✔️ Wilcox L4 G24 Mount ✔️
✔️ Wilcox Folding Bridge Arm ✔️
✔️ Wilcox Modular Dovetail Base ✔️
iRay Mini Dovetail Shoe ✔️
✔️ iRay Micro Pictail Shoe

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