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Hog Control and Hog Hunts in Texas

My name is Joey Coker and I have been hunting hogs with Night Vision and Thermal Optics since 2008. During that time, I have used most of the scopes available and can give you an expert opinion regarding the pros and cons of the optics currently available on the market. Depending on your budget and type of hunting there are multiple options but like anything Quality and Value should be the deciding factors. ​

I have guided hog hunts with access to over 50,000 acres in Texas.

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Get Your Gear Before Your Hunt

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What to Expect on the Hunt

The hunt will begin at sundown and continue for at least 5 hours, depending on the circumstances.

We can accommodate 4 hunters per party under most circumstances. (We can discuss).

The fee you pay does not guarantee you a hog because we hunt free range but your chances of success are great with me because of the amount of good hunting properties I have and the equipment you'll be using. The average hunting party is able to get 5-10 and sometimes we kill over 20 hogs.

Because safety is of the utmost concern for you, us and the landowner, we will have a safety overview, verify all targets and I call the shots on each stalk (cows, houses, etc).

No drunkenness or irresponsible behavior is tolerated. We like to laugh and have a good time, but safe gun handling and responsible individual behavior must be practiced at all times.

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How Much Does a Texas Hog Hunt Cost?

$500 per night, per hunter

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What Do We Provide?

  • Rifles, Ammunition & Optics

    You will use our top-of-the-line AR-style rifles. Depending on ammunition scarcity, there may be a charge for rounds over a set threshold.

  • UTV Transportation

    We'll head out across the primary hunting locations for the date of your hunt on our Polaris Ranger with a High Seat.

What Should You Bring?

  • Clothes For Expected Weather Conditions

    We recommend rubber boots as some areas are wet, as well as a head lamp or flash light.

  • Food And Cooler

    Bring drinks and snacks for the hunt, as well as a cooler if you want to keep and process meat.

Tips for guides are welcomed as we have spent a lot of hours in preparation for your hunt.

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Thermal Hog Hunting Equipment


After you arrive, our transportation for the hunt will be in a Polaris Ranger Crew Cab with a High Seat.

Weapons & Optics

Our weapons are AR-style in 556- and 30-caliber with suppressors (silencers) and a variety of thermal optics. We carry thermal optics for purchase, so we always sample various scopes but we primarily use iRay Ricos, Trijicon Mark3, and Pulsar Trails. We can identify our targets at over 1,000 yards away with these scopes and we carry thermal monoculars for spotting.​

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