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Get the Best Monoculars for Hog Hunting

Our night vision monoculars allow you to see hogs, deer, coyotes, bears, bobcats, or anything else you might be hunting in the black of night.

Part of the InfiRay Outdoor Thermal Imaging Scope Mini Series, these thermal monoculars provide a high-resolution display with crisp images and vivid colors to light up hogs and other varmints even in the darkest areas.

These night vision monocular models offer the ultimate flexibility with hands-free, adjustable helmet mounting as well as handheld operation depending on your preference or need in the moment of a hog hunt.

We offer live demos of our night vision monocular models so you can get guidance from professional Texas hog hunters before you make your decision of which thermal monocular is right for you.

thermal imaging scope mini series